10-Year-Old Boy Suffers Cardiac Arrest аt McDonald’s

In McDonald’s restaurant died a 10-year-old boy from cardiac arrest.


The boy was in the fast-food chain’s Ilac Center restaurant with his mother, when suddenly his heart stopped beating, according to the report of Mirror. The boy was taken to the nearest hospital, but doctors only concluded the death.

The boy is known as Maleek Lawal, and he had two brothers. His family took them every Friday in McDonald’s.

The cause of death is not determined, and there is still not found a link between Maleek’s cardiac arrest and the fast food chain.

“Management and staff wish to extend their deepest sympathies to the family involved.  As a point of clarification, the company wishes to advise that this tragic incident did not occur in a McDonald’s restaurant.” – stated the restaurant.

Source: opposingviews.com

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