10 Animals Found Living Inside Humans (Video)

There are a lot of stories of strange things found living inside a human body. It sounds like a popular theme for horror stories and various urban legends, but people seem to be fascinated by it. (1)

10 Animals Found Living Inside Humans

There have been a few actual cases of people having some unwelcome guests reside in their bodies.

We learned of a 12 years old girl named Shreya Darji who has an ant colony living in her head. According to a new video from Alltime10s, the story doesn’t hold a candle to 10 animals found living inside humans. (2)

Also, there is a man who foundВ out the pain and itchiness in his right ear. The first signsВ was really an infestation of baby cockroaches. Later it was foundВ a female cockroach inВ the ear whichВ laid eggs. Once the eggs hatched, the insects were “entirely blocking his ear canal.”

There’s as well the man whose doctors consideration his eager scalp was a response to insect bites — only then the lumps on his scalp ongoing to move. Turns out, it was 5 botfly maggots, which appear to have hatched following a fly bit plus laid eggs in the man’s scalp. There have too been reports of maggots livelihood in nasal passages (two really, here and here), gums, and the ear canal.

To move away from insects, Alltime10s hosts Dave and John found a report of a woman getting “stung”В by the partially boiled squid she was eating.В That throb, yet, was the squid’s sperm sack plus numerous small pods attached themselves to her tongue, fundamentally impregnating her mouth.

In this video belowВ we are going to share with you 10 different stories.

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