10 Amazing Uses For Listerine That Every Woman Should Know

Listerine is one of the most popular types of mouthwash worldwide, and despite the benefits, it offers for the health of the oral cavity, it can apparently replace numerous other products we use daily.

After reading this, Listerine will be always present in your medicine cabinet!

Here are 10 amazing alternative ways to use Listerine:

Clean the bathroom

Mix some Listerine and water and use the combination to clean the bathroom. You can wipe the sinks, mirrors, floor, and cabinets.

Clean The Toilet

Pour a bit of Listerine on the toilet brush and scrub the bowl to clean it and leave a fresh smell!

Clean cuts and scrapes

Listerine has powerful anti-bacterial properties that will help you clean cuts and scrapes and prevent infections.

Soothe Itchiness

Dab some Listerine on a cotton ball and apply it on areas affected by a poison ivy rash or insect bites to soothe the itchiness.

Soothe a toothache

Dab some Listerine on the painful tooth to numb the area and alleviate a toothache.

Fight underarm odor

Pour a bit of it on a cotton ball and rub it over the armpits to fight the unpleasant odor.

Clean the toothbrush

Listerine can destroy the germs in the mouth and on the toothbrush. Just soak it in some Listerine, and it will be completely clean!

Foot Soak

Add some Listerine to warm water, and soak the feet for half an hour to fight toenail fungus and stubborn infections.

TreatВ  Blisters

Apply Listerine to blisters to prevent infection, since it has potent antiseptic properties.

Eliminate Dandruff

Dandruff can be a very annoying and stubborn issue, that is not easy to treat. However, Listerine can be of great help here too. Just massage some of this mouthwash on the scalp, and then wrap the hair in a towel. Leave to act for several minutes, and rinse, to eliminate dandruff.

Remove A Tick

Ticks can be a big problem in the summer, and Listerine can help.

Fold up a paper towel, soak it in Listerine, and then place it onto the tick. This will remove it in seconds!

Therefore, start using Listerine in all these ways, and you will get an effective and inexpensive multi-purpose agent that offers amazing effects!

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